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Saturday 10 August 2019
WillowBee Early Learning Centre
354 Eastern Valley Way, Willoughby NSW 2067
Saturday 10 August 2019 from 10am to 1pm
Sausage Sizzle, Craft Activities, Face Painting, Animal Farm

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Bright Little Stars Early Learning Centre on Mowbray
Innovative Early Learning
Thrive Early Learning Centre Artarmon 

Apples & Honey Preschool
Bright Little Stars Early Learning Centre on Haig
Chatswood Early Learning Centre - Magnolia Cottage

Rhondas Cottage 

Crows Nest Kindergarten

Little Steps Early Learning

Thrive Early Learning Centre Hornsby
MindChamps Early Learning Hornsby

Daystars Killara 
Little Giants Killara

Happy Kids Early Learning
Jenny's Kindergarten & Early Learning Lane Cove North 
MindChamps Early Learning Lane Cove 
Nickys Kids Town Lane Cove
Possums Corner Childcare Centre

Senses ELC 

Mosman Kinderland 
The Lookout Early Education Centre

Naremburn Early Learning Centre

Cameragal Montessori School

Cameragal Montessori School - Lavender Bay 

Academy For Early Learners 

Northside Montessori School

Gumnut at Forum Childcare Centre

Sydney Grammar School St Ives Preparatory 

Stepping Stones Montessori Long Day Care

Good Hands Long Day Care

Barker College Preparatory School
Twinkle Tots Cottage 

Peter Rabbit Community Preschool

Konomi Kindergarten
Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner Preschool
Mowbray Place Early Learning Centre
Tree of Life Early Learning School
WillowBee Early Learning Centre


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Welcome to the North Shore Local Child Care & Services Directory newsletter

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This month’s parent resource is entitled “Wondering how you can help prepare your preschooler to learn how to read, spell and write?” brought to you by Sonia Bestulic.  Children’s Author, Founding Director Speech Pathologist from Talking Heads Speech Pathology and Podcaster of Chatabout Children.

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Little Steps Early Learning

We are a brand new purpose built centre that opened end of Jan 2019.

We take children from 6 weeks-5 years split between 3 age rooms. We have a holistic approach to education where children learn from play-based, real-life and meaningful experiences providing them with opportunity to grow and explore the world around them. We are involved with our local community especially the local public school where we have our own plots in their eco garden to extend on our already growing fruit and vegetable crop we have here.

We are a little community of children, families and educators who work together every day to provide a great service for the community, we look forward to more families joining our LSEL family.   Contact us for more information.

Apples & Honey Preschool  Hours: Mondays to Thursdays from 8am - 6pm and Fridays only from 8am - 4pm.   We’re open 50 weeks a year, and offer all enrolment options.

Apples & Honey Preschool is a Not-for-Profit Community Preschool providing high quality education and care to children aged  3 to 5 years. We are licensed for 40 children a day and are now offering Long Day Care hours and fees. 

Apples and Honey Preschool promotes the values and traditions of the rich Jewish culture, celebrating the Jewish festivals each year. Our Preschool Community is as diverse as the wider comunity as we welcome children and families from all cultures, religions and nationalities. 

We promote an environment of mutual respect, school readiness and a love of learning. This is reflected by the diversity of families and educators and our curriculum. Our early childhood curriculum allows children to explore, as we aim to be developing mindful young people through play based environments supported through intentional teaching and using the Early Years Learning Framework to guide our practices. We also offer an inclusive and meaningful Jewish early learning program on specific days during the week.  Contact us for more information.

Tree of Life Early Learning School is a private long day care centre located in Willoughby, on the leafy Lower North Shore for children 2 to 6 years old.

We provide a warm, homely, inclusive environment, where children are encouraged to create, explore, discover and develop their skills at their own pace. Our dedicated carers support children’s individual interests and value input from family, educator and community interactions. To encourage a sense of belonging, we all play together as a family grouping and only separate for group times.

Our centre opens at 8.00 am and closes at 6.00 pm, Monday to Friday, whole year except for public holidays. 

Our program is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). We take a holistic view of your child and incorporate this to build their self-identity, relationships, health and wellbeing, knowledge and communication skills. We have developed educationally appropriate programs that support the EYLF, while acknowledging the importance of learning through play. Our method of play-based learning and interest-based activities helps children to:

•       develop their capabilities
•       builds on their needs
•       challenges their strengths

Contact us for more information.

Innovative Early Learning
We have just started a Stay and Play session for all age groups at Innovative Early Learning (11 George Place Artarmon) from 10:00 to 11:00am each Friday, (to encourage some Monday and Friday enrolments ) this is free of charge and if anyone would like to come they just need to send an email  so we can confirm numbers.

Frontrunner Learning Centres providing professional tutoring in Frenchs Forest and Mona Vale for over 17 years. Our tutors are here to see that our students Get in Front and Stay in Front.
This is a place where tutors encourage, motivate and make a really positive difference.

Of course our qualified tutors do more than just set tasks and correct the work. They engender a love of success in the now so that our students believe that they can achieve. Our tutors develop great attitudes that create great results.

That’s why we are successful educators.
Frontrunner Learning Centres offer an initial free diagnostic educational assessment so you know exactly what your child needs in tuition. We facilitate real learning for school-aged children with the fundamentals that they need most in school. Students receive professional and caring help them in Mathematics, English, Reading, Spelling, Comprehension, Grammar, Listening, Speaking and Writing.

With the active support of paediatricians, speech therapists, behavioural optometrists, dieticians and other health care professionals the Frontrunner tutors provide a caring environment that’s helps your child achieve her or his own personal best and really enjoy success.

An integral service Frontrunner Learning Centres offer is Readbetter with
Contact us for more information 


Wondering how you can help prepare your preschooler to learn how to read, spell and write?

Ensuring your child has good speech and language skills is important. Also of critical importance is laying down some foundations for learning literacy at school.

So – be inspired and get ready to have some fun with the following activities!

Syllable Counting is learning how to break words up into their smaller parts. For example; “birthday” has two syllables, “birth/day”. “caterpillar” has four syllables, “cat/er/pil/lar”. Don’t forget the one syllable words such as “chair”.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to activities to build skills in counting syllables; here are a few ideas… ensure to make it enjoyable!

Get physical – clap it out… or skip, jump, hop!
Get musical – toy drums, guitars, keyboards, maracas etc… Are great to tap, strum, play, shake to the beat of the syllables.
Name items you can see in the room of a house, or whilst in the car, and count out the syllables.
Build a tower- take turns counting syllables using blocks; and build a tower as you go; the tallest tower wins.
Syllable word lists can be found easily on the Internet – practice counting syllables in words with 1-4 syllables.
If you aren’t sure where to break words up, remember that every syllable has a vowel sound.

Rhyming is a great way to teach your child new words and get them to think about how words can relate to each other.  It sets the foundation for your pre-schooler to learn about word families and the different sounds that letters can make. Rhyming words have a repetition of similar sounds e.g. rocket/ pocket; pie/ sky. Some activities include;

Sharing books that rhyme – the most obvious start! As your child gets to know the book; have them complete the sentence for you (fill in the missing word). You can make this fun, by substituting a nonsense rhyming word, and have your child give you the correct version.

On the go – point to items wherever you are, and take turns thinking of rhyming words. E.g. “tree… see!”

Place items on a table, have your child select the word that best completes your sentence E.g. If items include rock, hat, toy, ball; you then make up a sentence – “There was a large cat, who wore a large…???”

Roll a ball to each other, exchanging rhyming words with each turn.

Sing nursery rhymes!

Even if your pre-schooler comes up with a nonsense word, it’s okay, you just want them to get the idea behind how rhyming works.

Hearing the first and last sound in a word

Be sure to focus on the sounds heard (rather than letter names). For example; “Can hear a ‘ssss’ sound in ‘sun’? What else can we think of that starts with ‘sssss’“?

Use family names/ photos
Story books
Sound Scrapbook – create a collage of all things starting with a certain sound e.g. “m” page, “s” page etc…
Hearing the last sound can be trickier…

You may give a visual cue, and emphasise the final sound as you say it. E.g. “Room” (whilst pointing to your lips)

Remember to be clear when talking about sounds vs letters to your child. E.g. The letter ‘s’ makes a ‘sssss’ sound etc.

Sounding out words

This is not about the spelling of the words– it is about sounds!

Pre- Kindy; focus on words structures that have 2-3 sounds E.g. ‘go’  (‘g’ – ‘o’) and ‘cat’ (‘c’ – ‘a’ – ‘t’). With a word like ‘shoe’, there are 2 sounds, ‘sh’ – ‘oe’.

Use visual cues

Coloured counters
Objects such as blocks
Use movement; steps, jumps, tapping, pointing, whilst saying each sound.
When ready, incorporate practice visually scanning LEFT to RIGHT with objects such as the counters, blocks.

I may as well say it again – HAVE FUN! – That is how kids (and adults) learn best! 

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